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At St. Michael's we provide numerous adult learning opportunities designed to deepen our understanding of the Bible and Lutheran theology, nurture our faith, stimulate our thinking about important issues and provide direction for living out our faith in our homes, workplace and world.

Religion in Life
Forget the Sunday morning TV talk shows. Read the paper when you get home. Participate in the Religion In Life hour and you will have a chance to engage with experts in their fields as they explore important personal, social and ethical issues and invite consideration of how faith can inform and shape our responses to them.

Religion in life meets Sunday mornings from 10:00 AM to 10:50 AM in the Courtyard Room during the education hour that takes place between worship. Sunday School for children ages 2 years old through Sr. High takes place at the same time. Childcare is also provided during this hour. Be a role model for the children of St. Michael’s by continuing to learn and grow in your faith.

Click here to see the adult education brochure which will provide a list of the topics and speakers coming to Religion in Life.

Faith in Daily Life - Meaningful WEDNESDAY Lunch Conversations starting September 14
The Faith in Daily Life meetings begin again this fall. Though the meetings have changed to Wednesdays, they will continue in the same order with the Roseville group meeting on 1st Wednesday of the month, October 5, at the Grateful Table in Roseville if possible; the Minneapolis group will meet on the 2nd Wednesday, September 14th in the Thrivent lunch room; the St. Paul group will meet on the 3rd Wednesday, September 21st at Chianti Grill. Brian McLaren’s book, Why did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha and Mohammed Cross the Road will be the text. There are a number available on Amazon.com but should you wish to pick up one in the office, let Interim Pastor Rebecca know so that we can order some extras. With a touch of humor, the book delves into “Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World.” All are welcome.

Thursday Morning Study starting September 15
Among the many gifts at St. Michael’s are a host of remarkable theologically trained people. The Thursday morning Bible study at St. Michael’s this fall, 9:30-10:30 am, will be led by different theologians of our congregation speaking on biblical matters in their areas of expertise. At each meeting, study questions and/or relevant readings for the following week will be handed out. Interim Pastor Rebecca will lead off on September 15 with “Intentional Puns and Peculiarities of the Old Testament.” Reading Exodus 1 and Judges 3 will be a helpful preparation for this class. All are welcome.

Monday's Ministries starting September 19
Join us Monday at 7:00 am at St. Michael’s for a continental breakfast and conversational exploration of the current issues that affect how we live today as faithful Christian people. As in previous years, the conversation will be guided by relevant articles, issues and ideas from numerous sources and group suggestions. The first meeting is scheduled for September 19 in the small room just off Fellowship Hall and the Kitchen. All are welcome.

Women’s Circles
Sarah Circle meets the first Tuesday of every month at 9:30 am and Elisabeth Circle meets the first Wednesday of each month at 1:00 pm. As a part of each meeting the groups will discuss the book, Bible Women: All Their Words and Why They Matter" by Minnesotan Episcopal priest and author, Lindsay Freeman. In this groundbreaking book, Freeman identifies every woman who speaks in the Bible, providing their words, context, and historical background. Join us as we explore the words of the Bible that were spoken by women and the significant impact that they've had! If you are interested in joining a circle or would like more information, contact Pastor Ali Ferin at ali@stmichaelselca.com or call the church office.

Desserters II - Book Disscussion Group
Why does Desserters II exist? What could entice folks out of their cozy homes at night? It is not the prospect of a book-themed, tasty dessert, as we occasionally suggest jokingly. We come when we have loved reading a book so much that we have to share our enthusiasm. We come when we have labored diligently through a book and want to be reassured that it was worth the effort. We come when we disliked a book so much that we have to find out why it was even on the reading list. We come when we haven't had time to finish a book, to see if it is worth finishing. We come because we enjoy jousting verbally with those who have a different opinion. We come when we enjoy sitting back and observing such jousting. Most of all, we come to be reassured that there are others who agree with the words of M. T. Anderson: "By the transport of books, that which is most foreign becomes one's familiar walks and avenues, while that which is most familiar is removed to delightful strangeness, and unmoving, one travels infinite causeways; immobile and thus unfettered."

Folks meet the fourth Tuesday of each month to discuss the book of the month and share dessert.